The importance of a good warm-up for padel players


A good warm-up for padel players should include a combination of stretching exercises, joint mobility movements and activities that increase heart rate and body temperature on court or on a flat area for about 5 to 10 minutes to raise your heart rate and body temperature

Stretches: Do a series of dynamic stretches to prepare your muscles and joints for the game. Some examples include touching your toes, trunk rotations, high kicks and arm swings.

Joint mobility exercises: Perform movements that involve the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder and wrist joint, for example squats, lunges with rotations and crossed arms swings.

Mini-padel game: Play a short game of mini-padel with a partner to simulate game conditions and get your heart rate up. This game can be played on a smaller court with smaller racquets or even your hands.

Jumping: Perform a few jumps around the court to get your heart rate up and improve your explosiveness.

Serving and Volleying Practice: End your warm-up by practicing serving and volleying to familiarize yourself with the ball and court before the game begins Remember to start slow and build intensity gradually to avoid injury.

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